My New Wheels

So, it seems I have started another blog. And yes, the name is rather ridiculous (feel free to make fun of me at any point for this), and yet it was all the while the only one word I could think of to sum up where I live, how I feel, what I’m like and consequently what my other half is like. Though it seems since there was no adequate word I just decided to make one up. Take it for what you will.

Peej and I have been holding down the fort here in ol’ Park Slope for about 2 weeks now, and have been married for almost a month. It seems hard to believe that already a month has passed…and I know people always say this, and it secretly always annoys you in your deepest of deeps when they do…but it’s so true. Never in my life have I loved brushing my teeth with someone so much (cue “awwws” here). But, in all seriousness, it is so amazing to be sharing life with my best friend. I just feel like God is truly blessing our union. We have these moments where we both look at each other (giggling like school kids of course), and say, “I can’t believe someone let us get married…it seems like two people shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun.” Or should they?

In other news, I have finally completed my official Brooklynite transformation. Correct, I purchased a bike. We went to look at the amazing Brooklyn Bike and Board.  Go there and buy a bike. Right now. Anyways, when we went in, I didn’t think they had anything that would work for me. They sell a few new bikes, and mostly old bikes that they refurbish. The guy gave me a new bike and told me to take it for a spin. After “spinning” around the block I came in and announced that everything felt right and everything, but I wanted a bike that looked old. He smiled and said, “Oh, I know exactly what you are looking for.” He went to the depths of the basement, and emerged with a yellow french-made Peugeot Mixte from around the early 1970s. My eyes lit up at the sight of the tattered and torn beauty. Meanwhile, he was apologizing for how it looked and assured me when they fitted it with new stuff it would look much better. I told him I would ride the thing out of there that instant if it worked. He looked at me like I was crazy. Fairly accurate.

All that to say, I picked up my bike last night with all the new [insert the names of bike things I do not know here] and I love it! It is not the cruiser that I expected to buy, but it’s far better than that clunker of a bike. All it needs now is a wicker basket and a bell and it will be definitively mine. And don’t worry, I also got a helmet! Safety first people, and that goes for all of you biker folk out there.  I will post a picture as soon as my internet access becomes official. Somehow sitting on your fire escape, mooching internet from the local coffee shop isn’t always the fastest option. Thanks Gorilla Coffee! More later friends.


About gandpco

I'm a 23-year old wife reigning from the oh-so-chic Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope.
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