Window Wonderland

View from the kitchen window

View 2

View 3

So everyday, now around 5pm, if I take a gander out of our kitchen window this is what I see. There is something about the juxtaposition of the dark, rather unattractive rooftops to the unbelievably beautiful sunset that really stirs me. (An obvious contrast I suppose, but nevertheless striking.) Maybe its the colors, the shapes–I don’t know. The best part is it changes each evening. The colors and shapes that formed and melded together tonight will never be repeated in the same fashion. We live in a beautiful world. (And no I’m not referring to the Coldplay lyric.)

And thus, I must now encourage each of you to look out of your windows. Perhaps you too will discover your own window wonderland.


About gandpco

I'm a 23-year old wife reigning from the oh-so-chic Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope.
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