My obsession with the past…

It has occurred to me multiple times that perhaps I was actually born in the wrong era. The problem is I can’t quite place myself in what I would consider to be the “right” one. My gut response is always the 1920s. I would of course want to be in my early 20s in the 1920s, mostly to experience what I consider to be the most delectable fashion scene I can ever think of. The whole championing of women’s rights, baring ankles, chopping the hair off, finger waves in general (HOW DID THEY DO THOSE??), Coco Chanel, and really I could go on and on.

Actress Louise Brooks

Ooh la la...I love their outfits.

However, the big problem with the twenties is that small catatrasophe we now call the Great Depression. That would have been pretty terrible to live through. And no, I don’t think our current recession is as near as bad as the depression. Two separate words, two distinct definitions. Look them up. Anyways back to fashion, I am NOT here to talk about politics. So the 1920s have it going on, but then so do the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s (I am still up in the air about the 1970s–even though yes, I did buy of pair of those pretty fabulous 1970s high-waisted wide-legged jeans at this thrift shop in San Francisco a couple years ago). The hipsters have classified the 1980s and even early 1990s as “vintage” and to that I say, no no no no no no no. (Sorry mom.)

That all to say, it is clear to most that I am slightly obsessed with any and all things old (clothes and otherwise). Living in Brooklyn, thrift shops or more aptly, “vintage boutiques” are about as common as baby strollers in Park Slope. They are just a part of the culture. On the one hand this is wonderful, and on the other hand, because they charge unreasonable prices and just seem to be in general kind of snobby, they are–as my cousin Owen once said in response to the question “How are you?”—not so fun. (True story.) I must admit that the hipster in me does love the Brooklyn Flea despite its complete success in catering to hipsters everywhere, and therefore charging more for everything–but hey if PJ goes and enjoys himself–win for everyone.

And now to start the story which apparently warranted the tangent above: MLK weekend, we were invited to go with some friends to Virginia which provided a number of wonderful things. The first was a lot of Bananagrams, the second was much needed time away from the city, the third was spending time growing closer with friends, and the fifth was dah dah dah DAH–antiquing!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully the other two women with me were as obsessed with digging through old stuff as I was, so we made our rounds and found some pretty neat treasures. My biggest finds were two chairs which I had to climb atop piled old furniture to claim. I am on the look for chairs because eventually I want to have an eclectic mix of chairs around our dining room table (that is when we get a dining room table). Anyways here are some pictures of my finds!

The chairs look the is one of them!

A small old cheese box that I flipped upside down to house some tea lights.

So this board is not new...but all of the hooks on it are!! Finally finished my coat rack!

Awesome old scotch/whiskey box that fits records perfectly! Naturally, PJ liked it.

Red shoes, my size, $8. Done.

And it does not end here, OH no! Because of course when we got back to Brooklyn, we went to the Brooklyn Flea and Mr. Herring found himself some pretty awesome old snow/rain boots and I found two FREE old windows on the street. Not sure what I am going to do with them…but they were FREE! Did I mention they were free?

PJ's shoes..chosen by himself!

Window #1.

Widow #2 at a weird angle because I didn't want to move it.

And that’s all for now folks. One resolution of 2011: write one blog a week…at the very least. Don’t give up on me! I can be quite entertaining! Anyways, until next time.


About gandpco

I'm a 23-year old wife reigning from the oh-so-chic Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope.
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One Response to My obsession with the past…

  1. Love your finds girl! Somehow you manage to snag the coolest stuff.

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